Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Entertainment

After I got to thinking about running at Bowdoin due to my blast-from-the-past workout this week, I asked my stepmom if she had any pictures from my college running days. She didn't have much but I think this is cute, it's a picture of me and my dad from one of my first cross country meets at Franklin Park in Boston. The best story about this day was that my parents parked at a church and when they tried to leave the meet they were stuck because churchgoers had parked all around them. My dad and I have awesome matching hair here :)

She also had a picture from my high school track days. You can see that I had a sweet neon scrunchie if you look really closely and you can also tell that I was sprinting those days because of the look of sheer pain on my face.
And before she found those, she found an early bike shot. Clearly the seeds of cycling greatness were sown on a banana seat.
It has been an awesome weekend so far. I am about to head into the city for a run and a swim, it's been a beautiful weekend thus far so I am pretty excited for some nice sunny temperate weather today. I will not miss the 16 degrees from the last two weeks, not one bit!


  1. LOOOOOVE the pictures Barb!! I'm relatively certain I had the same neon scrunchie, although your banana seat is way cooler than anything I ever had bike wise!! :)

  2. Love the pics!! And I LOOOOOOVVE the scrunchy!!! Have a great week!

  3. You were adorable then and you're adorable now. I loved seeing those pictures of you. I'll go thru my old albums to see more.