Saturday, January 28, 2012

What's New...

Well I cannot believe it but January is almost over. That is crazy! This year has been so busy and awesome so far. It looks like it's shaping up to be one of the best ones yet. I am loving where I live, I am energized by training, and life, and I am super excited for what the year holds in store. I am so proud of myself for moving and taking this leap and glad it is turning out to be as awesome as I hoped. It was pretty scary to move across the country, but I really feel like it is home now, and I am so glad and also a little bit relieved, I can't lie! I didn't know if I would really like it here or if I would miss Denver. Oddly I don't really miss Denver at all. I do miss my family and my friends, but it was kind of a rough place for me in a lot of ways, and I do not think the climate ever really agreed with me. I love humidity, and water. I ran down to the water this afternoon and it was just so peaceful and beautiful. So that is good.

So let's see, what else has been up? Chad has me doing all kinds of crazy stuff. He has me running faster than I have in years. One workout I did this week was actually reminiscent of one we used to do at Bowdoin, it was called Flow Miles. We would drive out to Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park in Freeport and run around like crazy people - five miles at a progressively faster pace for each mile.  Luckily the scenery was nice...

Here is another picture. We didn't run down to the water but I used to go a lot with friends to play around.

It was really hard then, and it was hard this week, especially without my teammates! But it's been nice to push myself. I will basically look at my schedule, think to myself 'how in the world am I going to do that?!', then I just try my hardest, and I find that most times I am able to do it as written.

In other news I have for the most part given up wheat/gluten. I know it is a fad and everything but I have noticed that I feel way less bloated and my stomach in general feels a lot better if I do not eat wheat. However I really miss bagels. They are so good, especially here in New York! I have a new food obsession - oatmeal with peanut butter and raisins mixed in - which is amazing. I found at first that I was suffering peanut butter withdrawal because I didn't know how to eat it without bread. But the oatmeal is great.

I suppose that is all for now, I really must get in the shower as I have not showered yet today and I have already exercised for 4.5 hours. I swear, you can take the girl out of Boulder, but sometimes you can't take Boulder out of the girl!

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  1. Great to hear that everything is going so well! It is always fun to shake up your training with new methods (not to mention new scenery!). I am so with you on the gluten thing. I struggled most of last year with a "belly monster". I finally decided, before subjecting myself to a bunch of tests, to experiment with diet. I started with eliminating gluten. It took me a couple of weeks to find and remove all the gluten in my diet (I mean really, soy sauce??). I dropped an alarming 10 lbs in less than a month but, luckily, my weight has stabilized and (drum roll), the Belly Monster is gone!!