Friday, January 13, 2012

Now this is what I expected from the Northeast!

I am in my apartment thank heavens because it is cold as crap outside. I have to say that although I am sad that I will be riding my trainer for four hours tomorrow, I wanted some cold crappy weather in my first winter back in the Northeast so I am actually not disappointed! It wouldn't be that bad out  but the wind was just crazy today. I was very glad I wasn't on my bike. Just walking it would stop you in your tracks every now and then. It was so cold that I even dried my hair after I swam this afternoon/evening, so I would not turn my hair into frozen ice sticks. It actually looks cute this way - I never do it because I am always in such a rush but I think I might start doing it more often!

In other news, well things have been crazy busy at work and Chad has started giving me some real volume which is awesome so I am a very busy little Banzo these days! I love being busy so I don't mind. I have some crazy thing going on with one of my eyes - I had a corneal ulcer in late 2011 and my eye just never seemed to be the same since. I guess I have a small scar on my cornea and then I had a bunch of irritation all over my eye. It was driving me crazy because my eye was really cloudy so I basically could only see out of one eye. Therefore I have these crazy antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops and haven't worn contacts in a week and a half. Wearing glasses is also driving me nuts but I can almost see out of my right eye again so I think it is worth it!!

Last weekend the weather was amazing so I went for a long ride up the 9W and took a few snaps I thought I would share. There are actually a few deer in this picture although due to my eye problems and the fact that I'm a terrible photographer they are very hard to see. But it was so cool.

This is a view of Rockland Lake which was the farthest point of the ride and near where I saw the deer. It was beautiful. There were tons of bikes out.
Along the whole ride I just kept imagining what it would look like in the spring when the trees all have leaves and I just absolutely can't wait. I did the same thing when I was running in the park on Sunday. Oh boy. In Colorado we didn't really have spring because the weather is just erratic and it goes between summer and winter on a daily basis, and there aren't many trees. So I cannot wait for my first real spring in years.

I was also excited to be out on the bike last weekend. I am getting a little bit better at taking self-portraits.
I am just loving training more. I must say I am at my happiest when I am physically challenging myself. So far this week I had a rough start but then I did a crazy running fartlek, 40 minutes of hard intervals on the bike, and a 5,150 yard swim after which I thought my arms might just quit in protest. Good times, people, good times!! Let the fun continue!

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  1. Go Barb go!!! Hope your eye feels better. I had a bunch of corneal ulcers about 2 years back and they hurt like crazy. I would get one, it would get better, and then I'd get another. It's not fun when you can't see! Anyway, I know what you mean about wearing glasses (yuck) so I hope you heal up fast!