Sunday, February 26, 2012

Since I have recently sucked at taking pictures...

Yes I confess I have been a big loser about taking pictures recently. I don't know why. Well maybe I am just waiting for spring, so that there are leaves on the trees and such. Who knows. And of course not taking pictures makes me not want to blog, because my blog is boring enough with pictures, much less without! Ha. Anyway I plugged my old iPhone into my computer because I've finally figured out how to easily import pictures, and I thought I would do a blast from the past photo montage! First off who doesn't like a Bodie picture?! I miss that dog. Boy she was cute.

I seem to have gravitated towards the warm weather riding snaps. Ha, I wonder why. I might miss riding outside just a little bit!!!

A few are from my trip to Solvang in spring of 2010 I believe for cycling camp. I almost went again this year but I have a friend coming into town so I couldn't! This is me getting fired up to ride in sunny California.

Here is me and my camp buddies at the beach. I love this picture because I think it looks like a cell phone commercial or something, with how our heights go down.

And this is from the top of Mount Lemmon last February...

And this is from my ill-advised mountain bike frame purchase. You might wonder, where is this frame now? It is in my friend Gavin's garage waiting to be sold! Oops.

Well sometimes you make good purchases and sometimes you don't, is all I can say.

So that was a fun trip down memory lane. Well in other news, let's see. I have ONE MORE WEEK of traveling for work. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a lot of exclamation marks and I don't think it is actually sufficient. There should be more. Because I am THAT EXCITED!!!! It is weird, when I had to travel I was able to convince myself that it wasn't that bad. Now that I am almost done, it is horrendous and I don't know how I could stand it. Life has a way of helping us get through things when we have to I suppose. So I think not traveling is really going to help me live a healthier lifestyle, train more consistently, meet more people here in NY, and generally be a more balanced person. I cannot wait.

Who knows, maybe I'll even blog more!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I swear, after this the major life changes are over for a year!!!

I tell you what it has been a crazy last year or so. Many major life changes. And just when things were calming down I decided to add one more - a job change! I know I just switched but I got recruited, got a few great offers, and decided to go for quality of life and stop traveling. I must say although I have made the best of Houston I am super excited to be done traveling and to be in New York full time! In 2.5 weeks that will be the deal. I am pretty pumped. This should be great for my quality of life as well as for exercising.

This is the view I will get to see every day...

Yeah, that should be okay. Nothing much of excitement is going on outside of the job drama thank goodness. Training is going pretty well but I think it will be even better when I don't spend 8 hours a week on a plane!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good and bad

I am in a funky place right now. Lots of good stuff going on right now, and some bad stuff. Luckily things are on balance BUENO!! How about a list of things, that seems like a fun idea.

- I crushed swimming this morning. CRUSHED. As in swam a 300 (meters) in under 5:00, shazam!!!
- I am back on my running form after a little snafu last weekend.
- Even though I had a crappy run last weekend I found a pretty new spot in the park!! See, this is not bad.

And here is another instagrammed up. I am so into instagram.

How awesome is that?! I just never seem to get tired of it.

Other good things -
- I am still loving being (mostly) gluten free. I have been having one bagel or some such thing on each weekend day, which frankly does not do wonders for my stomach, so I might go totally gluten free again.
- Did I mention I swam like a rock star this morning? I am pretty pumped about that :)
- I have somehow found enough TV to watch what with On Demand, the DVR, and a number of DVDs, for some crazy trainer rides. I am kind of used to it now. This weekend four hours didn't even seem that bad.

And in the bad things area -
- I seem to have a nasty cold. I hardly ever get sick (the last time I remember was in 2008), so I am a big baby about it. I feel like I have had a headache for three days. BLAH!
- My calf felt terrible a week ago Sunday on my long run. Luckily this has been a good reminder that I need to stretch and use my little Trigger Point ball, so I have been doing that and I am now on the mend.
- Even though I felt great in the pool today sometimes I feel like my swimming will never improve, and it kills my hair.

Well I definitely think that on balance things are stupendous, so I am happy!