Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I swear, after this the major life changes are over for a year!!!

I tell you what it has been a crazy last year or so. Many major life changes. And just when things were calming down I decided to add one more - a job change! I know I just switched but I got recruited, got a few great offers, and decided to go for quality of life and stop traveling. I must say although I have made the best of Houston I am super excited to be done traveling and to be in New York full time! In 2.5 weeks that will be the deal. I am pretty pumped. This should be great for my quality of life as well as for exercising.

This is the view I will get to see every day...

Yeah, that should be okay. Nothing much of excitement is going on outside of the job drama thank goodness. Training is going pretty well but I think it will be even better when I don't spend 8 hours a week on a plane!


  1. Awesome Barb - CONGRATS!!! You and the major life changes - you've had enough for a life time. ;) Good luck in starting your new job - I know you will rock it!

  2. What?! I did not know the lack of travel resulted from a job change! (actually, you probably did tell me that, I'm just so foggy and dumb these days it didn't register.) Congrats! How are you liking it?