Sunday, July 15, 2012

I (heart) Summer

Summer in New York is even more awesome than summer anywhere else I've lived. It is so much fun. And as  you may guess, it is busy, because I never blog. I've  been racing a little more - did a road race up in Pawling, New York, last Sunday. It was so much fun. The race consisted of two challenging, beautiful loops in hot weather. I ended up 14th, which I was not delighted by, but I was delighted by swimming in an awesome lake after the race. They had a few laps set up, which was fun. I swam a 150. Pretty much the extent of my swimming recently, oops! It felt amazing after racing though. Mostly we just floated around and chatted. Very good times.

I also recently went to the beach for the first time since I moved. It is so easy, and absolutely beautiful!

We had such a good time, just running around playing in the waves, loafing, and gossiping. Here is me and my friend Nancy:

After the beach we headed back to the city and watched the longest fireworks show of any major city, from a friend's rooftop. Very good times.

Pictures don't really do it justice. As rough as a July 4th in the middle of the week was the next day, it was definitely worth it!

I've also been spending more time in Brooklyn. It is great. This is a view from the Brooklyn Promenade. Boy, that's hard to get sick of. It's a nice quiet break from Manhattan. We've also been doing some crit practice there, let me tell you that's a great way to make yourself want to hurl!

In other news I've replaced my road bike with a new, aero, much better-fitting bike. It is so much fun to ride. I really can't wait to get on my bike every day, which is good, since I'm riding a lot. This weekend I didn't race (there weren't really any 4 fields except out in New Jersey and I wanted to get marshaling out of the way), so I rode 70 yesterday and 65 today. Yesterday included hill repeats so it was a lot of climbing. Today was more mellow yet also lots of fun. Now I am just napping on and off and watching the Tour before I go meet a girlfriend. Life is good.