Sunday, April 29, 2012

Apparently I've been away so long that the blogger interface is totally different!

Oops. I really do want to have a blog. I swear. And yet. I think the last entry I wrote was about how I wasn't going to race Galveston because my calf and my butt always hurt. Well a lot has been going on! It seems like I might be well-served with a list. Which I see can be done in blogger, neat!
  • I decided also not to race an Ironman this year. I just don't want to. My body didn't feel great for a long time after Wisconsin. Racing an Ironman is expensive and incredibly time-consuming. And I don't want to just finish one, that's not really interesting to me. So I pulled out of CDA. I feel really good about the decision. 
  • I am moving! Just a few miles but it is a big step to be living in Manhattan. I cannot wait. 
  • I have actually been riding a semi-decent amount. I rode 100 miles yesterday with my cycling club. It was so much fun! It was by far my slowest century ever but whatever, I am not doing this ride series to go fast, I am doing it to have fun and explore. We have been doing some great rides. Last week I think was my favorite but we have done so many. I will do a big picture post at some point. 
  • My brother visited. It was awesome! We went on a really fun ride, and ate a lot of good food, and walked a bunch, and went to museums, and all kinds of fun stuff. It was his first trip to New York and he loved it. 
  • I am just so busy these days. Part of it is definitely moving .What a nightmare. I do not recommend moving across the country with way too much stuff. I have thrown away what feels like half of my apartment and I still feel like I need to get rid of another half of my stuff. Part however is having a social life. This is fun and something I recommend rather than exercising all the time. Then again my life and goals have really changed in the last six months or so. It's not for everyone but I'm enjoying it!
  • I may start racing bikes a little bit. I have enjoyed a casual ride series but I do think it would be fun to race bikes and there is a cool team I've been chatting with. Which means at some point I will stop wearing my cute Colorado kit and really start to fit in. Exciting!
Here is a cute snap of me and Scott!

And here I am somewhere outside of Armonk last weekend. I made my ride leader take pictures of me, I am so obnoxious. I don't know how these people stand me.

It was even more beautiful than it looks. It was hard to capture just how green everything was. And then last Sunday it poured for hours so this week it was even better.

I think I will try to start blogging more but hey, who knows. I have three visitors in the month of May, and June doesn't look any more calm. But it is all good stuff so I won't complain, I will just apologize for being a crappy blogger!