Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good and bad

I am in a funky place right now. Lots of good stuff going on right now, and some bad stuff. Luckily things are on balance BUENO!! How about a list of things, that seems like a fun idea.

- I crushed swimming this morning. CRUSHED. As in swam a 300 (meters) in under 5:00, shazam!!!
- I am back on my running form after a little snafu last weekend.
- Even though I had a crappy run last weekend I found a pretty new spot in the park!! See, this is not bad.

And here is another instagrammed up. I am so into instagram.

How awesome is that?! I just never seem to get tired of it.

Other good things -
- I am still loving being (mostly) gluten free. I have been having one bagel or some such thing on each weekend day, which frankly does not do wonders for my stomach, so I might go totally gluten free again.
- Did I mention I swam like a rock star this morning? I am pretty pumped about that :)
- I have somehow found enough TV to watch what with On Demand, the DVR, and a number of DVDs, for some crazy trainer rides. I am kind of used to it now. This weekend four hours didn't even seem that bad.

And in the bad things area -
- I seem to have a nasty cold. I hardly ever get sick (the last time I remember was in 2008), so I am a big baby about it. I feel like I have had a headache for three days. BLAH!
- My calf felt terrible a week ago Sunday on my long run. Luckily this has been a good reminder that I need to stretch and use my little Trigger Point ball, so I have been doing that and I am now on the mend.
- Even though I felt great in the pool today sometimes I feel like my swimming will never improve, and it kills my hair.

Well I definitely think that on balance things are stupendous, so I am happy!


  1. Seems like a pretty good balance!! :) Hope your cold and calf feel better soon. Neither is too fun. :(

  2. Congrats on your awesome swim! Sorry about your cold. :(

    I think you need to plan a trip back to Boulder to see Mark so he can take care of that calf for you...:)