Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I've Been Doing Since Ironman!!

Boy I have hardly even thought about blogging since I posted my last IMMOO entry. Whoopsies, I swear I like having a blog to talk about training and races and stuff but that is not all I do! So one thing I did after the race was over is hang out with Bodie for a weekend. She is so cute and I love having her even when I am training a bunch, but I love taking her for long walks and relaxing outside on patios with her too. Last weekend I took her to get a bath because she was a mangy mutt. This is a post-bath shot. Looking very cute!!!

That was pretty fun. I have also been getting a good amount of yoga in which feels great to my post-Ironman body. I was tight almost everywhere, and yoga has been really enjoyable and made my body feel almost like I didn't do some crazy race two weeks ago. I've been reading and drinking coffee and exploring Houston also which is fun. I can't say I'd move to Houston but I'm really enjoying my time there.

I have also been socializing with people I hadn't seen in a while - traveling for work and training all the time doesn't leave a ton of time for social events, but I am really enjoying catching up on that now.

And this morning I dusted the cobwebs off my mountain bike (and cleaned its filthy chain) and went for a ride with Jason. Let me just say that I may have gone faster in the Ironman but he is a MUCH better mountain biker than I am. He is also extremely patient and nice to put up with me whining and complaining and being a general mountain biking weenie. Here is a cool picture from our ride!
After the ride I also took my brother to his first yoga class ever. I think he liked it, we'll see how he feels tomorrow.

In general I've been exercising for around an hour a day - some days a little more, some days less. On Monday I even ellipticalled. It was awesome. I am still on the fence about Austin 70.3 but right now I'm leaning towards not racing and calling it a season. It's been a good one, why not end on a high note!

So that's what I've been doing in the offseason. Not going to lie, I could get used to this. But then I start thinking about racing next year and I'm pretty excited about that too!!!


  1. You not training for races??? WOAH!!! I can't imagine you getting used to that. Learn something new every day.

    I should stretch more. I always think about it after the fact. Like the next morning. :)

  2. I didn't know you were considering Austin! Oh such fun memories we have there...

    Mountain biking is NOT fun. I think you were in the right to bitch and moan.