Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yeah I suck at blogging in the offseason, but I have pictures!

So I guess that makes up for my blogging slacking, right? I've been so busy having fun that I don't have time to blog. And I've been working a decent amount so there you have it.

Anyway offseason has been fun! I've been riding a little when the weather's nice. I saw a lot of this...

It may have been somewhat ill-advised only a few weeks after the Ironman but the foliage was so pretty and the weather was awesome. What can I say, ill-advised is my middle name sometimes!

I have also had more time to hang out with Bodie. She is looking very cute in this picture, sitting at lunch like a good dog.

I am in Columbus right now, I ran the half marathon here this morning and have been enjoying a fun weekend with my awesome friend Cathy. The race was not that special - I ran a 1:36 which is fine but nothing amazing. I was wondering how my legs would feel five weeks after the Ironman and they were okay. I would say I felt the best about 10 miles in. That is endurance training for you.

Columbus is much nicer than I frankly expected. They have a very nice river.
And the area around where we finished (I took this picture when they were almost done cleaning it all up) was fun. It was right by all the arenas.

They also have this great place called the North Market. It has so many fun little food stands.

The food in Columbus is great. We have been laying fairly low but yesterday I walked to Ohio State (I refuse to say 'The Ohio State University' because that is just stupid) and went swimming. Wow, those facilities are amazing, and the stadium is huge. I've never seen anything like it.

It's been a fun weekend. Now I am gearing up to head back to Houston and then to a spectathlon for my friend Tamra whom I am coaching this year. Can't wait to see how she does! I love Austin so I am pretty excited about that. And Tamra's pretty much my size so I am going to use her bike and go for a ride in the Texas hill country. I cannot wait for that!!!


  1. I think calling it The Ohio State University is pretty retarded myself. Oscar makes fun of that pretty much all the time. ;)

    Congrats on your race Barb!!! Anything else up your sleeve this year? Fun times! :)

  2. Take it from an MSU fan-OSU sucks no matter what you call it! That is so fun that you went and ran that half-I've heard it's an awesome marathon course (read: fast).

    So excited to see you and catch up this weekend!