Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The major life changes and other plans post!!!

So I have had a lot going on lately. Hence why I have not been blogging much! I thought in the off-season I would blog more. But not so much. Well what can you do, but try to improve! So here is what's been keeping me busy these days - surprise surprise, it involves plotting and planning, which are my two loves outside of triathlon!
  1. Well after three years I have decided that I will not be applying to re-join the Mark Allen Online team. It has been amazing to be on the team and I have been so lucky to be a part of it, but after three years I am ready for some new challenges and strategies to go super fast.
  2. I have done a lot of 2012 race planning. I am starting off the season at Galveston 70.3 which will be fun and super convenient (I'm in Houston for work through April). 
  3. I have also applied for the REV3 team. We shall see if I am accepted but if I am, that will dictate a lot of the rest of the season because I would get really good deals on REV3 races!
  4. And in the major life changes department, I am moving!! I am so, so, so excited!!!! I have wanted to move back to the East Coast for YEARS. At least five but probably more like seven. And now I finally have a job where I can. So I am doing it!! It's all approved and I have an apartment in Hoboken which is just outside of Manhattan. I have also sublet my apartment in Denver. The only thing I still need to do is book movers. I honestly can't believe how easy it's been to make it happen. I am scared a little bit because it's always scary to move to a new place, but mostly I just cannot wait for the challenge, the experiences, and being near an ocean again!
  5. So that was all the major stuff. I think I may have mentioned this before but I am also signed up for Ironman Coeur d'Alene. What can I say, I blame Chad and Beth. It is going to be so much fun! 
I have to say that after the Ironman I do feel more freedom in a weird way. It's like I feel like well, if I could finish an Ironman, I should stop setting limits in other areas in life. Because if I can do that, I can probably do most things I really want to do. It is quite liberating! So maybe think about it a little bit. What have you always wanted to do, and what's stopping you?


  1. Yeah Barb!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much excitement in just one post. I can't believe you are going to be living so close to us now! You are only a 5 hour drive away!! :) So excited for you. Watch out NY!

  2. Wow! So exciting! Nj can actually be a great place to train. I lived further west than Hoboken, but there are really great country roads out by horsefarms to the west in somerset, morris, and hunterdon counties. Let me know if you have any NJ questions!

  3. So you get to keep your job AND move? Is that what's going on?

    I am so excited for you. This is very cool.

  4. yay for the east coast move ;) so excited for you barb! and even more excited we might get to hang out april next year! good luck with the move... knowing you and how organized you are -- I'm sure it will be perfect! good luck!

  5. OH good for you!! Moving takes some risk and I love that you are doing it - good luck and enjoy NY!!! AND your fun races in 2012!!!!

  6. I am sad, but very excited for you! This is the right thing for you to be doing. I can't wait to come visit! And good luck re: REV3 team, how cool!