Thursday, November 3, 2011

Phone blogging!!

Excuse the typos and auto-correct issues. Hopefully it'll create something funny. So I'm riding at the gym and blogging. I am so productive!!!

I've decided moving across the country is kind of like racing. You do all the big work (major workouts, major planning) weeks out. Then you wait, get nervous, get excited, and have these annoying little tasks that remind me of the taper and its workouts. I'm under three weeks to the big move now. In fact I'm moving the day of IM Arizona so that's funny. Luckily most everything is done now since I'm going to New York this weekend to watch the marathon and cheer on a good friend! I'm super excited because I've never been there for the marathon before!! And on Monday I'm going to see my new apartment which is great!!! I can't wait, this week is going by slowly.

I am training somewhat although my season doesn't start until 12/1. I will be very out of shape on the bike, it's hard to ride when you go fun places every weekend! I think that's good though, last year I think I trained too much during the off-season. This year there's no danger of that! I rode with my cycling team Sunday and almost died! I am in decent running shape though. I'm running a thanksgiving race in Jersey so hopefully I won't embarrass myself.

That is about all I can stand to type on my phone so I think I'll sign off. Happy training!!!

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