Friday, September 16, 2011

More Moo Snaps!!!

Well I bought the package of photos from the race because I hate my money but some of them are really good so I figured I'd do a picture post. Enjoy!!!

Swim Start....

The super-annoying but cool-looking Helioplex. No picnic running up this bad boy!!!

Heading out of town on the bike.

More bike, we rode through a ton of farms.

Running. This is early on when I was not quite the hot mess I turned into by the end!

And finishing. I was pretty happy!!!


  1. You are happy!!!! Love the finishers pic! (but the one with you and your medal at the end is still my favorite :)

  2. Great pics...the last one is priceless! It needs to hang next to that wonderful shot of you with your finishers medal. What an awesome debut to ironmaning :-) :-)

  3. Congrats on your race. I can't believe they made you run up that ramp thing. SHEESH!! I guess they figure those type of races are pretty easy, and they wanted to add a challenge to it. :)

  4. Awesome race, Barb! I love your blogging :). You rock! I really would say you killed your first Ironman. Can't wait til your next one. We should do one together somewhere!!! I would love to do the Rev3 Cedar Point race sometime (I think it's only a half though). And there's the Grand Floridian Iron-distance tri... that could be fun. Anyways, you blow me away with your mad skills! So proud of you :).

  5. Umm, if I had a final race picture like that I would buy my pictures too!!! HOW AMAZING!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! What an amazing race for you and I hope you are enjoying lots of rice krispies!!!