Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend from my Bike

I spent a large portion of the weekend on my bicycle, and it was a lot of fun!! For the most part. As per usual, with over 10 hours of time in the saddle, there were emotional highs, emotional lows, and times when I just zoned out for long periods of time.

Saturday was a long solo day. I knew I was climbing on Sunday so I rode a number of flats and a few smaller climbs (except for one wrong turn, which led to five miles of easiest gear on my bike mailman behavior). I also found a gas station with Snickers Dark, which was amazing!! That is my favorite. This place was like a mirage.

Most of the views kind of looked like this - we have lots of farms just east of Boulder.

Then I climbed up to Carter Lake (twice actually, I am terrible at judging how long things take so I had to keep turning and adding on). I cannot describe how much I wanted to jump into the water. Pretty sure sheer stubbornness kept me out of the water, it looked amazing, and it was SO hot!

I also really need to meet someone as a nice friend who has a boat. Then I could ride from Carter Lake and go on the boat and in the water after. I think the water in this lake is all runoff so it is cold as crap.

On the way back I needed to add on mileage yet again so I rode through Boulder. This was ill-advised - lots of traffic and annoying lights - but I rode by the University of Colorado which was fun, I never do that! It is a pretty campus, all the architecture is kind of Spanish looking.

And then I was done for Saturday! That wasn't so bad. No brick run although it was a mild 93 degrees when I finished which is cool for the weather lately so I was almost a little bit sad. Not that sad though.

After a fun swim and pizza with Tamra, I got home at 9:15 and went straight to bed. I had to get up at 6:15 to go ride with my brother. He is turning into quite the cyclist, he dropped me like a bad habit on the way up to Ward. Luckily he was nice enough to take a very cute picture of me at the top of the climb, so I forgave him.

It was a great ride except for the ridiculous headwind we encountered for the last two hours or so. Luckily I was having a great time with my bro so I couldn't be too mad. Then we met Katie for an awesome brunch and I swam again. And now I am crashed out on the floor of my living room catching up on So You Think You Can Dance (don't judge me, it's a great show) and getting ready to do it all again next week!


  1. cute pictures and brunch make everything worthwhile huh? :)

  2. Hey, great looking ride there! Re: Norcal cycling routes - anytime! I'm happy to help!