Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two Weeks!!!

Well I seem to have survived most of Ironman training, and we are two weeks to MOO!!! I can't believe it. Where has the summer gone? I'm pretty sure it happened when I was on my bike. This weekend I spent some quality time on the bicycle. I also had a house guest named Bodie. She looked really cute. I don't know if you an tell from this picture but she had TWO toys in her mouth. That behavior only happens when she is a very bad dog and wants to apologize, or when she is very happy to see me. In this case she was a happy hound dog.


So hanging out with Bodie was fun. I had a super fun day with my little mother on Saturday also. She rode sag for me on my ride which was a great time. She really enjoyed the drive and we had some nice quality driving time together also. She is definitely welcome to do it again, we are going to try to put together a fall ride with my brother in a few weeks.

I also had a super fun run with my friend Cathy this morning. She's training for a marathon so she had to run a little more than I did, which worked well for me as I had company for all two hours of my run. Then I rode which was fun albeit somewhat dramatic as there was an organized ride with a bunch of people who frankly did not know how to ride bikes out on the roads. Always fun. I had one girl crash right in front of me. Luckily I was in super defensive mode so I managed to stay upright.

After the ride I was supposed to swim but instead Cathy and I checked out this cool new place in Boulder which is basically a recovery club (in fact that is exactly what it's called - AllSports Recovery Club). It was so cool!! They have all kinds of cool stuff like ice baths, an upside down person hanger (I forget what this is called), cold lasers, ultrasound, and these awesome recovery compression boots. These things are crazy. They basically give your legs a massage for 30 minutes by blowing air in different weird ways. Here is a picture of me and Cathy in our recovery boots!

It was so cool. So we both joined for a month and then we'll reassess. I figure if I go once or twice a week it's worth it. I am totally going in for an ice bath and a session in the boots next Sunday. Gotta love Boulder. It was packed in there by the time we left!

So I had a really good talk with my friend Chad and I am feeling a-okay about my plan for MOO. The biggest thing I learned today is that something is bound to go wrong and you just have to adjust. Troubling for a Type A person like me but what can you do. Just keep on rolling! And here we go into another week, another week closer to fall!


  1. Wow that recovery club idea is awesome! Wish we had something like that!

  2. Did Chad tell you to wear your HR monitor? ;) TWO WEEKS!!! Holy cow. You are going to be awesome Barb and I can't wait to see it! :)

  3. I had a super time riding sag for you on Saturday. Can't wait to do it with you and Scott. My kids rock!!

  4. That recovery club really sounds like a Boulder thing.

    I'm sure you'll do great at IM WI. you've put so much biking in and that's such a huge part of it.