Friday, August 5, 2011

Good Week!

This has been a really good week (I find that I actually blog if I have my computer up and running on the plane for working, I just write my entries in Word and then copy them over to the blog). Why, you might ask? Well, you know I haven’t done a list on my new blog, so here goes!!
1.     I trained exactly as much as I wanted to when I was out of town, for what I believe is the first time. I rode twice, swam twice, lifted once, and ran three times. WHAM!!! Not bad since I also worked a pretty solid amount! I took a revolting self-portrait of my sweaty self doing a speed workout on the spin bike at my trashy California gym. Good times. Some girl accosted me in the pool the next day and said I looked pro. That was nice of her since I thought I just looked like a raving maniac. Photo evidence - you be the judge, I'm pretty sure I'm right!

2.     When I trained, it was awesome!! Well except for riding the spin bike. That is just dumb and boring but what can you do. My favorite workout I think was a track workout. I found a track at the high school which is about a 20-25 minute run from my hotel, which is basically perfect. The track is in great shape and it is such a nice setting. One of these days I’ll run there with my camera and take a few pictures. I had a good workout on the track also which was a bonus. I did have to keep running around an old couple who decided they needed to walk very slowly in Lane One. Well, you know things can’t be perfect. It was cute when the old lady took a break and sat down in a folding chair in the infield staring at me while her husband walked around the track backwards. Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up.
3.     I actually swam somewhat well this week. What?! I know. I like 25 yard pools. It didn’t hurt to have a cute little fan in the pool saying I was pro-looking.
4.     I totally rocked work this week. That is a good feeling. I am really enjoying my new job and I think it is a great fit for me and also that I am motivated to excel. Do I miss training whenever I want and leaving work no later than 4:30? Well, sometimes, but not really. I find that I really enjoy being challenged and stepping up to the plate.
5.     My personal life is good. I have great friends and a super-great family. I am very proud of my mother right now, she is confronting some issues she has faced for many years. That takes a lot of courage. Good job Mother!!!

I am on the plane heading back to Denver and looking forward to a sweet three-hour run tomorrow very early in the morning. This will be my longest run in Ironman training so I am excited to get that knocked out! Two more big weekends and we are on the decline to MOO!!!


  1. Nice pic. Yeah, I'd side on the raving lunatic side, but I am weird like that. :)

    Have fun this weekend. :)

  2. Two more big weekends and you're on the decline to MOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahhhoooey! That is music to your ears I bet!

    There's nothing worse than having to go to a gym in the middle of summer to get a ride in. Well, I guess going to a trashy gym makes it worse. I've done that before too, it's shameful. But the people watching is superb!

  3. yea....I've had to resort to trashy gyms a fair bit...not the funnest..but better than nothing :)