Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Catch-Up in Pictures...

Once again I am alive! I know, even I have no excuses for my pathetic lack of blogging. But here I am. I figured the best way to catch up on what's been going on is in pictures.

Sooo.... I've been riding!!! I took this shot off my bike, that is my friend Richard. He is becoming quite the bomb cyclist. This is up in Westchester near Armonk. It is beautiful. And really only requires about 45 minutes of annoying city riding to get into a nice, peaceful area with great roads and some  decent hills. Richard is great to  ride with.

The day after I rode with Richard I had a friend in town and we went to a Yankees game. It was my first game in the Yankees' plush, beautiful new ballpark. Wow. It was a perfect day for a ball game. I actually got a little sunburn even.

After that visit, my mom came to town for 10 days. What a cute little thing!!!! She was in a state when she arrived (another entry on that another day) but by the end of her visit she was doing really well. I am proud of her, she is trying to make some changes after years of bad habits, and she is doing a good job.

When she was here she had her first sushi experience, and she loved it!!!

What a cute little thing. I don't think I had ever seen her try something new like this, it was a little bit weird, but not in a bad way!! She had a great time in New York and I really enjoyed having her. Not only is she a fun little person to hang out with, but she was basically my personal assistant. I could really use a permanent assistant. But what can you do, only so much money in the world!

While she was here I raced my bike for the first time. It was so fun. Here I am post-race in my bomb new kit.

It is such a great team of girls and I love how we look bombing around the park in our sweet kit. I haven't raced since then just due to weather - I'm not quite ready to race around in the rain.

Last weekend since I didn't race I went for two really fun rides. Here is one of the highlights of the first ride:

These are from a new joint in Nyack called Gypsy Donut. They were totally homemade and incredible. I spoke to the owner for a while and he was a really cool guy who is clearly passionate about making the best possible donuts in all kinds of unique flavors. The rest of the ride was great too - I started out from the Soldiers and Sailors monument with  my friend Wayne...

We ended up running into his girlfriend and some of her friends when we were almost in Nyack and did the rest of the ride, including the donut adventure, with them. I always enjoy meeting a nice group of strong women to ride with.

Then on Sunday I went for a great ride with my friend Joe. He is one of those people I randomly meet out and about on my bike because I am that obnoxious chick who will ride up to you and say 'Hi!!! I'm Barb!!! Where are you riding today??? Can I come???' I am exaggerating but not much. I met Joe last weekend when my friend Scott was in town and he is so fun to ride with. He has a Brooklyn accent and is a very good cyclist, and he is also really fun to hang out with. So we rode to the apple orchards and back.

Even though I love summer I'm really excited to head back in the fall for apple picking!!! It was a beautiful and really fun ride.

Last night I was in the park not riding for once, and it rained a little, leaving a rainbow over the park. Beautiful.

This weekend should have more of the same - ride, food, fun, friends. I am feeling lucky to live the life I've got right now.

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