Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm alive! I did a bike race in fact!

Well yes in case you were wondering, I am alive. Frankly I would say I am barely keeping my head above water. I have had visitors constantly for what seems like a month. Visitors are high maintenance as much as I love them! My mom is here right now for 10 days. She is very cute. Then she  leaves and a friend from Boulder arrives and then he leaves and I will be visitor-free for a week and then after that it is NO VISITOR ZONE for at least a month. I will need some Barb time.

What have I been up to, you may ask? Well definitely not swimming. I moved and then I thought swimming would be easier, but no, it just hasn't happened! What a slacker. I have been riding a ton. I joined a bike racing team here in NYC and it is so much fun so far. In fact this past Saturday I did my first bike race in New York. It was a CRCA race meaning only NYC clubs could participate, in a mixed Cat 3/4 field. The course was 5.75 laps around Central Park. Home turf, about .2 miles from my apartment. It was FUN. I was so nervous but I didn't almost crash even once. It was so different but awesome. I ended up 25th which I think isn't too bad for my first bike race in over a year, and my very first real circuit-type race. My mom was so cute and she watched. Sadly I didn't give her a camera to take pictures with, so I have none! I looked bad ass though, I think :)

So tris and me, I just don't know. We need some time apart. Every time I run my butt still hurts. I can't seem to say no to doing fun social things to swim. I just don't know that I want exercising to be a huge part of my life right now, which is why focusing on one sport that doesn't hurt or make my hair look gross may just be the ticket! We'll see. I may not be done with tris forever, but for now, I am enjoying taking a break and enjoying doing other things.

And in other news, I absolutely love living in New York for reals (not in Jersey really close to New York). Every time I walk out of my apartment and head into Central Park, I am just in love. It is so beautiful this time of year, it's really stunning. The whole city is so alive right now with spring. It is great. But you'll have to take my word for it, because you can't visit!

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