Sunday, December 11, 2011

I get to live here?!

Well I have lived in Jersey for almost a month and the bloom is decidedly NOT off the rose. I freaking love it here!!! I seriously wander around in a daze sometimes and try to figure out whether or not it's real. But it is!! How cool. I have been having a great time going into the city, riding my bike (except for running over a rock in a weird way and crashing on Friday), running, and generally having a really good time. I am still traveling for work of course so that is harder now that I really like where I live, but I don't really mind Houston and I've been getting into a nice rhythm there.

Last weekend the weather was really nice so I rode to the Tappan Zee Bridge and back. The coolest part was going through a second state! Welcome to New York!!

The Tappan Zee was cool but riding under the George Washington is just awesome and I can hardly get used to it. Wow. Maybe that's why I crashed, I was distracted by the scenery! So pretty right?!

This weekend it has been chilly so I rode my trainer today but it wasn't too bad. I watched a lot of TV and the intervals in my ride kept me distracted. I also met some nice new people on my local tri team when we did a little Kona viewing party. I didn't really see much of the Kona broadcast, but the purpose of those things is to socialize anyway. It has been a good weekend! In other news Brian dropped my TV today, so I got a fancy new one. Neat!!! I have had a super ghetto TV forever, I just do not care about electronics. But it is so nice. I think it will be great for trainer riding. Which frankly although I don't mind it too much, it is annoying, so every little improvement helps. For some reason no matter how long I ride I have, the last ten minutes just make me want to poke my eyeballs out. But once I'm done I always feel glad. I still owe my parents pictures of the apartment now that it's all set up, so I will do that soon, I promise!

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